Majestic Mullet

We’re back!

What can I say? It’s been a rough few weeks. So…let’s jump back into things with a beer.

In the interest of full disclosure, I was heavily biased in favor of kölsch before I even had one. It started with Anthony Bourdain’s Cologne episode of Parts Unknown. So, really, it’s all his fault. I do wish I could find a place around here that brings them in a wreath full of tall, skinny glasses.

Still, so far I have yet to come across one I don’t like.

Majestic Mullet Krispy Kölsch
Parkway Brewing
ABV 5.6
IBU 28

Look 20%
Bright, light, and clean with a crisp head.

Smell 20%
Pleasantly floral.

Feel 20%
Clean, crisp, light, refreshing with just enough bite to be interesting.

Taste 20%
Also clean, crisp, and light. Some hints of grain, a little cerealiness, and a nice, bitter zing.

Would I Drink It Again? 19%
Despite the name (I mean, come on. Mullet? Sorry folks, that lost a point for me), yes as soon as possible. Sadly that won’t be soon enough since I helped kick the keg of it they had at Colley Cantina.

Total 99%

Final thoughts, everything about this beer screams, “I’m so drinkable!” And that’s true. Dangerously so.

But seriously, how cool is this?